Pigweed is ‘weak link’ in growing furrow-irrigated rice

Row rice offers significant advantages for growers if they can control pigweed in it.

Ryan Sullivan says he and his, father, Mike, are seeing several advantages to growing furrow-irrigated or row rice on their farm in northeast Arkansas, including less labor and equipment for building levees.

The “weak link” in the system is Palmer amaranth or pigweed, which would normally be drowned by the flood water in conventionally-flooded rice. The Sullivans have begun using starter fertilizer and applying Sharpen to help control the problem weed, but believe they need other options.

Ryan Sullivan discussed their approach for controlling other weeds and grasses along with Palmer amaranth during a tour stop for the Mississippi County Water Management Conference, which was held on their farm near Osceola, Ark.

For other videos in this series, click on http://www.deltafarmpress.com/rice/saving-water-vital-part-rice-profitability-formula.

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