Hybrid rice helping furrow-irrigated rice make good start

Hybrid vigor, increased root mass, disease resistance can be pluses for row rice.

Planting rice on beds or in a row-rice system can be stressful. That’s why many of the growers experimenting with furrow-irrigated rice are planting rice hybrids to take advantage of their hybrid vigor, larger root mass and resistance to diseases.

RiceTec’s Jeff Reeves talked about the differences in the hybrid and varietal rice types, and how they fit into the row rice system during a presentation at the Mississippi County Water Management Conference in Osceola, Ark.

He was one of several speakers at the meeting, which was sponsored by RiceTec along with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, Mississippi County Conservation District, Ducks Unlimited, USA Rice, Delta Plastic’s H20 Initiative, Greenway Equipment, Lectri-Flo and ADI.

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