Reynolds introduces 20-cubic-yard tandem

REYNOLDS SAYS its new 20-cubic-yard capacity tandem scraper — the Reynolds 10C7 — delivers superior performance through an innovative hydraulic system, an aggressive cutting blade design, and construction equipment-quality hydraulic cylinders.

A heavy duty yoke hitch assembly and drawbar transfer about one-third of the scraper weight to the tractor for added traction and equipment flotation.

The tandem hitch on the rear of each scraper is designed to automatically lower the second scraper into the “ready to cut” position when the front unit is raised, for both a smoother ground finish and a faster transition.

The Reynolds 10C7 model is ideal for excavating ponds when fitted with the protruding center blade, but also works well in tandem with the “LSE” surface-finishing scraper models which feature walking beam-mounted wheels for high-speed precision laser grading.

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