Resource okayed for air application

Valent has announced it has received EPA approval to apply its herbicide, Resource, by air. “Now your glyphosate burndown application can include Resource to help get those hard-to-kill winter annuals like cutleaf eveningprimrose, Carolina geranium and flowering henbit,” says Valent representative Donny Whitten in Cleveland, Miss. “Importantly, your options have been increased to include aerial applications for those times when the wet weather will not allow ground application for the timely control of hard-to-kill annuals.”

A selective herbicide for postemergence control of susceptible broadleaf weeds in field corn and soybeans, Resource is often tank-mixed to enhance the activity of other herbicides in burndown treatments. The Valent product can also be used over-the-top to Roundup Ready soybeans for enhanced control of morningglories, spurges and teaweed, Whitten says.

According to its label, Resource, at a rate of 2 to 4 fluid ounces per acre, may be tank-mixed with glyphosate- or sulfosate-containing products to increase speed of activity when used as part of a burndown program prior to planting field corn or soybeans.

In addition, the label states, “A sequential application of Resource can be made after a minimum of 14 days have passed following the first application to control new flushes of susceptible weeds in field corn and soybeans.”

Soybeans and field corn may be planted 30 days after a Resource application. However, grains, such as rice, may not be planted within 120 days of a Resource application, and cotton has a 30-day plant-back restriction.

“Control of weeds by Resource requires the addition of an agronomically approved adjuvant to the spray mixture. Either a crop oil concentrate or methylated seed oil, which contains at least 15 percent emulsifiers and 80 percent oil, may be used when applying Resource,” the product label reads. “Certain tank-mixes require the use of a non-ionic surfactant.”

The approved application rates for Resource range from a crop-year maximum of 8 fluid ounces per acre for field corn to 16 fluid ounces per acre for soybeans.

“Resource can also be used over-the-top on soybeans for velvetleaf control,” Whitten says.

For added velvetleaf control, Resource can be tank-mixed with approved herbicides at a rate of 4 fluid ounces per acre.

For more information, refer to the product label or call Whitten at 662-719-7669.

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