Redball extends drift-control booms to 80 feet

The Redball Model 670 High-Clearance Trailer Sprayer now is available with hooded drift-control booms up to 80 feet wide.

The sprayer features a redesigned front-fold boom with a longer primary wing section, which provides clearance necessary to allow use of Redball's patented molded-poly Broadcast Spray-Hood on wider booms. In the past, only the Model 680 trailer sprayer was available with Broadcast Spray-Hoods, and only on booms up to 66 feet wide.

The wider drift-control boom will be especially valuable to cotton growers, who frequently spray glyphosate products in fields adjacent to non-Roundup Ready crops, says Steve Claussen, president of Redball, LLC.

“Reducing the potential for off-target movement with booms outfitted with Broadcast Spray-Hoods and drift-control nozzles allows spraying to continue longer during the day, so you can cover more acres,” says Claussen.

Broadcast Spray-Hoods, which come in 20-inch sections, are molded from impact-resistant poly plastic. The bottom of the hood is 12 inches below the spray tip. A front wind curtain extends another 6 inches, and a rear wind curtain, 10 inches.

Broadcast Spray-Hoods also are available on other Redball sprayers, including Model 680 and Model 655 high-clearance trailer and mounted sprayers. They also can be retrofitted to existing sprayers, depending on boom strength and folding limitations.

Model 670 sprayers are available with 850- or 1,200-gallon tanks, with draw bar or two-point hitches, and booms from 60 to 90 feet wide. They are eligible for purchase under the Simple Solutions/Redball Solutions high-clearance sprayer rebate programs. Under the programs, Model 670 sprayers qualify for a 15 percent rebate to a maximum of $4,000 to growers who purchase qualifying amounts of Roundup Ready crops and meet other eligibility requirements.

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