Redball extends drift-control boom

The sprayer features a redesigned front-fold boom with a longer primary wing section, which provides clearance necessary to allow use of Redball’s patented molded-poly Broadcast Spray-Hood on wider booms. In the past, only the Model 680 trailer sprayer was available with Broadcast Spray-Hoods, and only on booms up to 66 feet wide.

The wider drift-control boom will be especially valuable to cotton growers, who frequently spray glyphosate products in fields adjacent to non-Roundup Ready crops, says Steve Claussen, president of Redball, LLC.

“Reducing the potential for off-target movement with booms outfitted with Broadcast Spray-Hoods and drift-control nozzles allows spraying to continue longer during the day, so you can cover more acres,” says Claussen.

Broadcast Spray-Hoods, which come in 20-inch sections, are molded from impact-resistant poly plastic. The bottom of the hood is 12 inches below the spray tip. A front wind curtain extends another 6 inches, and a rear wind curtain, 10 inches. Broadcast Spray-Hoods also are available on other Redball sprayers, including Model 680 and Model 655 high-clearance trailer and mounted sprayers. They also can be retrofitted to existing sprayers, depending on boom strength and folding limitations.

Model 670 sprayers are available with 850- or 1,200-gallon tanks, with draw bar or two-point hitches, and booms from 60 to 90 feet wide. They are eligible for purchase under the Simple Solutions/Redball Solutions high-clearance sprayer rebate programs. Under the programs, Model 670 sprayers qualify for a 15 percent rebate to a maximum of $4,000 to growers who purchase qualifying amounts of Roundup Ready crops and meet other eligibility requirements. Redball Model 690, 680 and 655 high-capacity high-clearance sprayers also are eligible for the program.

For program details and to locate the nearest participating Redball dealer, contact Redball, LLC, P.O. Box 159, 140 30th Ave. SE, Benson, MN 56215, call 1-877-332-2551, or visit Redball on the Web at

e-mail: [email protected]

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