Red River Field Day Set Sept. 4

Topics to be covered include the latest information on raising greenhouse tomatoes by H.Y. Hanna, a researcher at the station.

Another area of research at the station involves cotton production. Pat Colyer and Phillip Vernon, scientists at the station, and Gerald Myers of the LSU AgCenter's Agronomy Department in Baton Rouge will talk about management of cotton nematodes.

David Caldwell, a researcher at the station, will give information on cotton variety development, and he and James Hayes, a research associate, will discuss cotton variety evaluations.

Steve Micinski, Marion Ferris and Bill Waltman, all from the Red River Research Station, will provide an update on Bt cotton research and the 2003 insect situation.

Bill Branch, a researcher in the LSU AgCenter’s Biological and Engineering Department in Baton Rouge, will cover Cotton irrigation research.

Steve Moore, a researcher at the Dean Lee Research Station near Alexandria, and Jim Rabb and Jose Liscano, researchers at the Red River Research Station, will speak on corn hybrids.

A group of LSU AgCenter scientists will also talk about an almost $1 million project that studies how artificially constructed wetlands can be used to improve the quality of water in the area.

In addition, Lane Foil, from the LSU AgCenter's Entomology Department in Baton Rouge, and Millard Kimball, a research associate at the Red River Research Station, will give an update on the horn fly, which is a nemesis of Louisiana cattle.

Jere McBride, LSU AgCenter Northwest Region Director, asks that people wanting to attend pre-register by calling (318) 741-7430 ext. 1108 by Sept. 2.

Denise Coolman is a writer for the LSU AgCenter.

e-mail: [email protected]

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