Chinese imports

I was glad to read your article regarding the effect of Chinese imports on the cotton and apparel industries. I work in the cable industry. We have lost thousands of jobs already due in part to imports and our sluggish economy. However, the threat of Chinese imports could bury us in the near future. We make coaxial cable for CATV systems at Commscope where I work. Right now I understand that this cable is being manufactured in China and can be produced there and imported here and sold cheaper than we can make it!

Nothing is being done to prevent them from putting us under. I fear that “free trade” with China, Mexico and other countries will destroy all U.S. manufacturing industry. I wish we in the telecommunications industry had the same grassroots effort to lobby against the unrestricted trade with China.
James Sigmon
Catawba County, N.C.

Selling out cheap

I am a farmer by day and a U.A.W. auto worker by night, and I have seen how the world wants to lower my standard of living. In all honesty, they are doing a pretty good job. We have lost numerous auto-related work to other countries, and other countries have managed to carve away at our world dominance of the farm industry.

Our government has done nothing but sit back and watch it happen, and now they wonder why our country is in such a poor financial situation. Wake up people! We are selling our country out to cheap slave labor, and only when our politicians start missing their pay checks when our tax base is gone maybe they'll realize what is happening.
Gary Ordway
Continental, Ohio

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