Proline fungicide offers powerful scab solution

Bayer CropScience reports Proline fungicide has been registered for the cereal grains market. The new active ingredient, prothioconazole, the company says, is the most powerful tool available to growers to reduce the damage scab and leaf diseases cause in wheat and barley.

“This is an immensely valuable tool for growers,” says Randy Myers, Bayer CropScience fungicide portfolio manager. “There has never been a treatment for head scab that provides this level of activity and increases the quality of wheat and barley crops.”

Proline halts foliar diseases that are present when it's applied and stops new infections from attacking a grower's wheat and barley. This activity keeps these infections from attacking an operation's bottom line.

“Proline provides the best control of leaf and grain head diseases currently available,” says Myers. “This disease control improves plant health and ultimately results in an increase in wheat and barley yields.”

In addition to wheat and barley, Proline is also available to help control Sclerotinia in canola, dry beans and peas, rapeseed and field mustard, and Ascochyta Blight in chickpeas and lentils.

For answers to questions concerning the use of Proline, growers can go to

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