Professor pens ag book

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Don Johnson, professor of agricultural and Extension education in Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences at the University of Arkansas, has co-authored a textbook that introduces high school students to agricultural technology.

Agricultural Power and Technology covers theory and operation of modern agricultural machinery and equipment. Included are small engines, tractors, GIS systems, and precision agriculture.

The textbook is part of the AgriScience and Technology Series published by Prentice Hall.

Johnson contributed chapters on engine operation, components and theory; small engine maintenance and overhaul; and engine power measurement and engine efficiency. Co-authors are agricultural educators Carl Burkybile of Rantoul, Ill., Jasper S. Lee of Demorest, Ga., and C. Van Shelhamer of Bozeman, Mont.

“The book offers secondary agriculture teachers a resource for incorporating power and technology into their courses,” Johnson says. “It provides practical applications that complement what students study in science and math courses.”

The text is also intended to introduce students to the wide range of career opportunities in agricultural technology.

“If students know about agricultural machinery and equipment, and are up on emerging technologies helping to make agriculture more efficient and profitable, a lot of doors are open to them in agriculture-related industries,” Johnson says. “One kid may choose to become a service technician, and another may pursue an advanced degree to become an agricultural engineer. There are lots of options.”

Johnson said the book offers preparation for the Agricultural Systems Technology Management program in the Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology major at the University of Arkansas. The program prepares students for technical careers in agricultural industries and businesses, and production agriculture.

“It’s important for high school students to become acquainted with these opportunities so they can make informed decisions about career paths and continuing their education.”

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