PowerFlex herbicide from Dow AgroSciences receives federal label

Dow AgroSciences has received federal registration for its new PowerFlex herbicide for use in winter wheat.

Containing pyroxsulam, a new active ingredient, PowerFlex provides control of tough grass weeds, including downy brome, cheat, Italian ryegrass and wild oats, plus broadleaf weed control.

“PowerFlex gives performance winter wheat growers can count on by delivering excellent control of the toughest grass weeds they face today, plus control of many other important grass and broadleaf weeds,” says Jim Parker, senior marketing specialist for Dow AgroSciences.

“By providing powerful weed control at a price that's right for winter wheat, PowerFlex brings excellent value to weed control programs.”

PowerFlex controls a broad spectrum of difficult grasses and broadleaf weeds in winter wheat, including downy brome, cheat, Italian ryegrass, wild oats, Russian thistle, pigweed, chickweed and cleavers.

PowerFlex herbicide also controls many mustard species, such as field pennycress, flixweed (tansy mustard), shepherdspurse, Jim Hill (tumble) mustard and blue mustard.

PowerFlex offers growers improved crop rotation flexibility versus most other winter wheat herbicides. For example, it contains a nine-month interval for rotating into crops like soybeans, sorghum, peas, lentils, sugar beets, corn, potatoes, canola and sunflowers in all geographies.

Even shorter intervals for certain crops will be allowed in specific geographies.

PowerFlex can be applied postemergence to actively growing winter wheat in either fall or spring. Monte Weimer, product technology specialist for Dow AgroSciences, recommends applying 3.5 ounces per acre of PowerFlex to grass weeds between the two-leaf and two-tiller stages of growth, though its flexibility allows application on wheat from the three-leaf to the jointing stage with excellent crop safety.

“Through an innovative new molecule, PowerFlex brings a new standard of performance for grass and weed control in winter wheat and will be a critical component for growers to achieve effective weed control in winter wheat,” Weimer says.

“PowerFlex will help provide growers with cleaner fields, which can lead to higher yields and reduced dockage at harvest.”

To learn more about PowerFlex herbicide, visit www.PowerFlexHerbicide.com.

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