'Plan to succeed' offered again

In addition, registered “Plan To Succeed” participants will have a chance to share in prizes totaling up to $300,000 by winning in specified state and national divisions in the National Grain Sorghum Producers (NGSP) 2004 National Grain Sorghum Yield and Management Contest now sponsored by Gustafson.

The “Plan To Succeed” program, now in its second year, guarantees registered participants who lose a stand treated with Gaucho insecticide replacement product free of charge on their replant seed. If the seed was treated with Gaucho and ProTec herbicide seed safener, Gustafson will provide both products free of charge on the replant seed if their original crop stand is lost.

The program also entitles participating growers to qualify for cash rebates on their purchase of other Gustafson products labeled for use on corn, soybean, cotton or small grains seed. Each unit of sorghum seed purchased with Gaucho insecticide qualifies participants for a $10 rebate when they purchase any of the following:

  • 3 units (80MVK) of corn seed purchased with the protection of Poncho 250 or Poncho 1250 seed-applied insecticide, or
  • 10 units (50 pounds per unit) of soybean seed protected with SoyGard fungicide, or
  • 2 units of cottonseed protected with Kodiak biological fungicide, or
  • 12 units of wheat seed protected with Raxil MD fungicide.
Available on the seed, Gaucho insecticide provides up to 70 days of protection from greenbugs and yellow sugar cane aphid, and approximately 30 days of protection from chinch bugs, wireworms and fire ants.

While tough on target pests, Gaucho is a unique crop protection product that is easy on beneficials and offers an excellent environmental profile.

To take advantage of the “Plan To Succeed” program, growers simply must order sorghum seed protected with Gaucho insecticide from their participating seed supplier, and register in the “Plan to Succeed” program by the registration deadline date for their area. “Plan to Succeed” brochures will soon be mailed to growers, and the brochure may also be ordered by calling Gustafson at 800-368-6130, ext. 5645.

Registration forms and complete program details are also available online at www.gustafson.com/plantosucceed.

For more information, consult your area Gustafson technical representative, crop protection dealer, seed supplier, Extension specialist or consultant. Or, call Gustafson at 866-442-8246.

e-mail: [email protected]

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