Plan now for insect pests

WEST TENNESSEE producers should be thinking about insect problems early in their cotton plantings. If you had a problem with thrips last season, you might consider using one of the treated seed compounds such as Gaucho or Adage. In-furrow treatments with Orthene 90S also show good results controlling thrips species in cotton.

We had a real problem with thrips last season. Many producers had to use extra foliar treatments to control them.

The boll weevil eradication program is continuing at a good pace. Some of the state personnel said they will be trapping again to determine how many weevils come out of diapause.

Call a Tennessee Extension office for further details on the program or if you have questions about the program.


The Southwestern corn borer caused many problems in parts of Tennessee last year. Any producer who had problems last year might find it beneficial to plant a Bt corn hybrid for control of corn borers this year. Several hybrids did a good job of reducing and controlling the incidence of borers in fields last year.

In my opinion, this winter has not been cold enough to cause high mortality of the insects in fields planted no-till. Left undisturbed, corn borers have a good track record of survival.

Charles R. Patrick is a professor of entomology and plant pathology with the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture.

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