Pioneer to treat its new soybean varieties with CruiserMaxx Beans

In 2008, newly released soybean varieties introduced by Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, will be treated with a CruiserMaxx Beans brand seed treatment from Syngenta Seed Care, offering soybean growers a combination of traits and pest protection.

“Pioneer is launching the most exciting class of new soybean products in our history,” said Don Schafer, senior marketing manager, Pioneer Hi-Bred.

“To maximize the high yield potential of our new variety releases, we are treating all of them with CruiserMaxx Beans to amplify early-season disease protection and protect the varieties from pests such as bean leaf beetle and soybean aphid.”

The new varieties from Pioneer will offer performance a step above current market-leading varieties along with resistance and tolerance to many key pests.

The automatic application of CruiserMaxx Beans to these new varieties will help protect the genetic yield potential in every seed.

“Syngenta Seed Care is excited to be teaming up with Pioneer to offer soybean growers this valuable package of genetics and on-the-seed pest protection,” said Mark Jirak, crop manager, Syngenta Seed Care.

“Since 2005, CruiserMaxx Beans has been effectively protecting high-value soybean seed against a wide range of early-season insects and diseases that have the ability to seriously damage genetic yield potential. Pioneer's commitment to treat these varieties is a testament to the reputation CruiserMaxx Beans has established in delivering enhanced plant stand, vigor, speed to canopy, and ultimately, improved yield potential.”

CruiserMaxx Beans is an insecticide/fungicide seed treatment combination that offers growers protection against a broad-spectrum of early-season insects including soybean aphid, bean leaf beetle, seedcorn maggot and wireworm. In addition, it provides excellent protection against all major seed- and soil-borne disease pathogens, including pythium, early-season phytophthora, rhizoctonia, fusarium, seed-borne sclerotinia, seed-borne phomopsis and general seed rots.

For more information on CruiserMaxx Beans, visit, contact your local Syngenta Crop Protection or Seed Care representative, or ask your local seed dealer.

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