Pioneer expands credit plans

GROWERS THROUGHOUT the United States and Canada buying seed from Pioneer Hi-Bred will be able to finance their purchases through an enhanced credit program that broadens grower options and expands crop protection product choices financed through the program.

One option, the TruChoice Opportunity Program, offers growers financing for their seed purchases and qualified herbicides at 3.5 percent below the prime interest rate.

Another credit program offered to qualified Pioneer customers includes financing for seed purchases at 2.5 percent below prime. "Certainly the first seed decision a grower should make is plant genetics, and Pioneer provides its customers with a range of the highest-yielding hybrids and varieties in the marketplace for the greatest value per acre," says Jerry Armstrong, vice president for North American Seed Sales, Pioneer Hi-Bred.

"Once those decisions are complete, then the grower needs to decide on financing. These credit programs offered by Pioneer will help producers better manage financing to get the most from each acre during this period of low commodity prices."

Pioneer customers who choose the TruChoice program can finance both seed and herbicide purchases at 3.5 percent below the prime interest rate.

American growers who meet seed and herbicide purchase requirements can include the following corn herbicides in their finance packages: Accent Gold, Accent, Basis Gold, Basis, and Leadoff from DuPont and Dual and Bicep from Novartis. This marks an expansion of the crop protection choices offered to growers in the TruChoice program last year.

In the United States, the following soybean herbicides from DuPont are available for financing under the TruChoice program once corn treatment requirements are met: Canopy, Canopy SP, Canopy DF, Classic, Authority, Assure, and Synchrony STS.

For 2001 seed purchases, Pioneer offers deferred payment credit at 2.5 percent below prime for growers who meet seed purchase requirements and opt not to finance herbicide purchases through the program.

Additional financing choices are also available for Pioneer seed customers. For details on all these programs, contact a local Pioneer sales representative.

In most North American regions, Pioneer also offers an early Pay Savings discount for purchases made by selected dates and a Quantity savings program based on total dollars spent on Pioneer brand products. Pioneer professionals will be able to provide details.

For additional information about the company and products, check the Pioneer World Wide Website at

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