Pioneer begins IndustrySelect program

Pioneer officials said that 200 Pioneer brand corn products, ranging from comparative relative maturities (CRM) of 95 to 120 days, have been identified for the IndustrySelect program.

The products are widely adapted, and their grain characteristics match the needs of end users in specific geographies, they said. The program leverages Pioneer product development expertise and high-yielding, proprietary genetics with industry-leading knowledge of grain composition and end-user needs.

“This isn’t a one-product-fits-all approach,” says Russ Sanders, account management director at Pioneer in Johnston, Iowa. “The hybrids must offer the agronomic package and yield potential growers demand, along with the specifically required end-use grain characteristics.

“Because most IndustrySelect products are leader hybrids, they’re already being planted on growers’ farms across the country,” Sanders adds. “Pioneer hybrids 33P67, 33B51 and 34H32, for example, fit the designation of HTF (high total fermentables), which can offer as much as a 4 percent increase in dry-grind ethanol production compared to commodity corn.”

Officials said Pioneer is not starting from scratch in offering products under the IndustrySelect program umbrella. Long known for its selection of widely adapted and highly sought white, waxy and food-grade yellow corn hybrids, Pioneer also offers sunflower hybrids and soft red winter wheat with characteristics more desired by end users.

As growers look for opportunities within the Pioneer lineup, along with the 61 HTF hybrids, they will find 25 Pioneer hybrids designated as HES (high extractable starch). Grain from HES hybrids can offer corn wet millers a 2 percent greater starch yield. In addition, 60 hybrids have been identified that offer enhanced nutrient digestibility and fit the HAE (high available energy) designation for their added value in pork and poultry rations.

Growers also may notice that a few of the leading Pioneer brand hybrids fit multiple IndustrySelect program categories. This gives growers even more options for marketing the grain produced.

They said these current IndustrySelect products fit the following markets:

Corn Wet Milling

-- High Extractable Starch (HES) – provides 2 percent higher starch yields over industry average (25 Pioneer hybrids to choose from)

-- Waxy hybrids, offer high amylopectin (12 products offered)

Dry-Grind Ethanol

-- High Total Fermentables (HTF) – offers up to 4 percent greater ethanol yield compared to commodity corn (61 hybrids available)*

Pork & Poultry Feed

-- High Available Energy (HAE) – delivers enhanced energy digestibility (60 products offered)

Food Corn

-- Food-Grade Yellow – superior alkaline cooking or dry milling properties (33 hybrids)

-- Food-Grade White – color and superior alkaline cooking or dry milling properties (8 hybrids offered)

“Pioneer is known for providing our grower customers with high-performing plant genetics that match their individual agronomic needs and help them optimize production,” says Sanders. “End users in the marketplace are looking for similar benefits from grain – products that meet their unique processing or feeding needs, reduce output variability and help them optimize feeding values and processing efficiencies.

“Pioneer’s strengths in grain analytics plus our in-depth understanding of end-user needs – knowledge of animal nutrition, wet milling, dry-grind ethanol production and food-corn processing, etc. – fit well with what Pioneer does best, which is developing hybrids and varieties that meet the needs of growers,” Sanders continues.

Helping growers identify grain-marketing opportunities within their local commerce circle also is a function of the Pioneer IndustrySelect program.

“Sometimes the difference in hybrid selection may come down to which product is in demand at the closest grain outlet and offers the greatest return or least post-harvest expense,” Sanders says.

“With more than 2,500 Pioneer sales professionals in communities across the country and a team of account managers working daily with grain users, Pioneer is able to keep growers informed of the best market opportunities in their local commerce circles.

“We know it is most efficient for processors and growers if grain can be grown, marketed and processed locally,” Sanders said. “Pioneer sales professionals are prepared to help growers who have an interest in meeting the demands of the end-use market by planting IndustrySelect hybrids from Pioneer.”

For more information about the Pioneer IndustrySelect program, corn growers should visit with their local provider of Pioneer brand products or they can visit

e-mail: [email protected]

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