Pioneer announces RR corn, soybeans

Pioneer’s new hybrids are widely adaptable for the region with maturities ranging from 108 to 120 days. Five new corn hybrids and two new soybean varieties exemplify the quality and strength of Pioneer’s lineup for next spring, Pioneer officials said.

“Pioneer is building upon its broad line of products that are particularly suited for the South,” says Frank Patton, technical information manager for Pioneer in Huntsville, Ala. “Many growers are finding the Roundup Ready corn system fits their management style and weed-control needs, and we’re excited to introduce new hybrids offering the Roundup Ready trait and others with multiple technology traits.

“Our new seed products provide growers flexibility in their weed-control programs and deliver a new level of yield potential and agronomic performance.”

New corn hybrids

Pioneer brand 31R87 combines excellent yield with a solid agronomic package. This 120 comparative relative maturity hybrid contains the Roundup Ready gene. In addition, it offers outstanding drought tolerance, good roots and stalks and excellent stay green. Strong resistance to gray leaf spot, superb resistance to southern leaf blight and moderate resistance to common rust rounds out this hybrid.

Another excellent choice is Pioneer hybrid 31G97. It combines exceptional top-end yields with good stalks, impressive plant health and very good drought tolerance. With a solid agronomic package, this 117-CRM hybrid delivers intermediate resistance to gray leaf spot, northern leaf blight, common rust and Fusarium ear rot. It also contains the Roundup Ready gene.

Pioneer brand 31N26 delivers dependable agronomics that include a moderate plant stature, above-average roots, strong stalks and exceptional late-season plant health. This 117-CRM hybrid contains the Roundup Ready gene. It also stands strong against southern leaf blight, is moderately resistant to northern leaf blight and common rust and has good resistance to Fusarium ear rot and gray leaf spot.

34B62 is a 108-CRM hybrid that offers strong, early growth for no-till or minimum-till acres. It offers above-average stay green and drought tolerance. This is an early hybrid that moves south of its area of adaptation very well, allowing for an early harvest of high yields across a wide range of environments. It also contains the Roundup Ready gene.

Pioneer brand 34B10 is one of our first offerings that contains both the Roundup Ready gene and the YieldGard3 Corn Borer gene for resistance to corn borer. This 108-CRM hybrid features good stay green, common rust resistance, and produces above average test weight grain that dries rapidly in the field. This hybrid is a good choice for no-till or minimum acres.

New soybean varieties

The two new Pioneer soybean varieties introduced for the 2004-growing season excel in yield and agronomics. Pioneer variety 95M80 is a late maturity, group V soybean with the Roundup Ready gene. Its defensive traits include genetic resistance to stem canker, above-average resistance to frogeye leaf spot and southern root-knot nematode and resistance to soybean cyst nematode race 3.

96M20 is an early, mid-group VI variety with the Roundup Ready gene. Considered a race-horse variety, it is resistant to stem canker and has above-average tolerance to Phytophthora and frogeye leaf spot.

For additional information about the new, advanced hybrids and varieties appropriate for your area, visit your local Pioneer sales professional. These representatives will work closely with you to identify your needs and help you select the mix of products that offers the greatest overall return per acre on your seed investment.

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., is a subsidiary of DuPont. With headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, Pioneer provides access to advanced plant genetics, crop protection solutions and quality crop systems to customers in nearly 70 countries.

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