Onset Computer: Soil Monitoring Station

Onset Computer Corporation, has introduced the HOBO Soil Monitoring Station, a cost-effective, multi-channel data logger for measuring and recording soil moisture and temperature on farms, orchards, vineyards, and other field sites.

Onset Computer says the HOBO Soil Monitoring Station is priced significantly lower than comparable soil monitoring solutions and is ideal for applications where soil data needs to be collected in multiple locations and then later analyzed on a PC. Targeted applications include irrigation scheduling, plant research, and soil studies.

The Soil Monitoring Station is based on smart sensor technology, making it easy for farmers and researchers to collect critical soil information. Users can plug in any combination of up to four research-grade soil moisture and temperature smart sensors, which are automatically recognized by the station without complicated wiring, programming, or calibration requirements.

Other important features include:

  • Compact size — The Soil Monitoring Station's compact design (the unit measures only 3.5 inches wide by 4.5 inches high by 2.125 inches deep) makes it easy to position it in or near the soil sites being monitored. Additionally, the soil moisture and temperature smart sensors are both designed with a thin profile for easy installation in soil.
  • Battery-powered operation — The Station can run for up to one year on four user-replaceable AA batteries. This eliminates the need for costly solar panels or large battery packs, and makes it easy to deploy the Station wherever it is needed — even in shady or buried locations.
  • Convenient data offload options — Soil data can be quickly and easily off-loaded onto a handheld PC using Onset's Palm handheld-compatible HandCar 1.1, or the Station can be set up and offloaded remotely using Onset's new battery-powered Remote Modem accessory.

For analyzing soil data, Onset offers BoxCar Pro 4.3, an easy-to-use, Windows-based software package that enables fast, easy setup, powerful graphing and analysis, and file export.

The HOBO Soil Monitoring Station is currently available from Onset. A typical configuration, which includes the multi-channel data logger, a soil moisture smart sensor, and a soil temperature smart sensor, is priced at about $419. Quantity discounts are available for orders of five or more.

Onset Computer Corporation has been producing small, inexpensive, battery-powered data loggers since 1981, and has sold over 600,000 units used throughout the world by more than 25,000 customers. Onset data loggers and weather stations are used in a broad range of research and commercial applications in the natural resources market, including agriculture, forestry, field biology, hydrology, and meteorology.

For additional information call 800-564-4377 or visit the Web site at www.onsetcomp.com.

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