NRCS unveils new conservation e-guides

This innovative technology supports the President Bush’s management initiative on expanding e-government and will support Farm Bill implementation and program delivery at the local level.

“Using this technology, we will be able to provide more timely information to more people nationwide and in Mississippi than previously has been available,” said NRCS State Conservationist Homer L. Wilkes.

This project makes time-tested NRCS conservation technology available online to anyone who uses the technical resources in the FOTG. Traditionally, the guide was a paper-based reference used in NRCS field offices to organize technical resources and activities for conservation, but the electronic versions make NRCS information available to anyone with Internet access.

The electronic technical guides are linked to 8,000 NRCS web pages and external sites, including the latest material on the 2002 Farm Bill. Content includes data in technical handbooks and manuals; scientific tools that help generate conservation alternatives; conservation practice standards; conservation effects case study reports; and other electronic tools for evaluating the effects of conservation technical assistance.

“The electronic technical guide will become a staple for America’s farmers and ranchers in managing their land. The data will be updated electronically on a regular basis,” said Wilkes.

To access electronic technical guides, visit the NRCS website at Look under Technical Resources for eFOTG and then select a state.

e-mail: [email protected]

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