Nimble herbicide from Cheminova, registered for cereals and fallow

Cheminova, Inc. has received registration for Nimble herbicide, a selective, postemergence broadleaf herbicide that controls broadleaf weeds in wheat (including durum), barley, oats, triticale and fallow.

“Nimble is a sulfonylurea herbicide with thifensulfuron plus tribenuron as the active ingredients,” says Jim Barrentine, technical services director for Cheminova. “Nimble will offer growers outstanding application flexibility since it controls larger broadleaf weeds than many other herbicides.”

Barrentine says Nimble is an excellent and economical alternative to Harmon Extra Herbicide.

In addition, Nimble plus 2-4-D will provide premium, broad spectrum control of tough weeds like wild buckwheat, redroot pigweed, common lambsquarters and volunteer sunflower while allowing excellent rotation flexibility.

Nimble is available in a water dispersible granule formulation. For more information, visit

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