New weed control ratings

CLARKSDALE, Miss. – After publication of the 2004 Delta Agricultural Digest, the editors received updated information for weed control ratings that appear on Page 55 of this year’s publication.

The newer ratings indicate higher levels of control for one cotton herbicide on annual morningglory and a higher level of crop tolerance than the ratings in the original chart, which was prepared when the Delta Agricultural Digest was printed in February.

In future issues of Delta Farm Press, the editors will provide a “peel and stick” document that can be removed and placed over the table, “Estimated Levels of Weed Control Normally Expected With Cotton Herbicides,” on Page 55 of the Digest.

“We pride ourselves on providing up-to-date information in our publications,” said Greg Frey, publisher of Delta Farm Press and Delta Agricultural Digest, “and we believe the new table will help avoid confusion over the weed control ratings when spray season arrives.”

To see the new table, click on

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