New video features environmentalism on American farms

TODAY THERE are 115 American consumers for every farm. Globally, the population is expected to reach 10 billion in the next 50 years. Demands for food production are increasing, and farmers are expected to produce more food, insure the safety of that food and do so without harming the environment.

A new video, Production Agriculture: Feeding People While Protecting the Environment, highlights America's production agriculture and the impressive ways some farmers have used the systems approach to meet the need for more food without compromising the health of the environment.

The Conservation Technology Information Center and IMC Global are distributing the video (a $9.95 value) free to its members, conservation districts, ag and conservation organizations, and the media to help increase the understanding of conservation agriculture.

In just over 10 minutes, the narrated video takes viewers from the origins of production agriculture to today's cropland and livestock operations, and conservation plays a starring role. America's farmers rely on innovative, science-based agricultural systems to grow more food while protecting soil and water resources.

Farmers throughout North America are using this systems approach, also known as Core 4 Conservation, to work for better soil and cleaner water for our environment, and greater profits for agriculture.

To order a video, contact CTIC at 765-494-9555 or [email protected].

The Conservation Technology Information Center is a nonprofit organization, based in West Lafayette, Ind., dedicated to environmentally responsible and economically viable agricultural decision-making.

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