New V-3 drive unit solves wheel rut

Valley has introduced a solution to wheel ruts under center pivot irrigation systems. The new V-3 Drive provides growers with more flotation from their irrigation tires by adding a third tire at each drive unit.

The third tire increases flotation by 50 percent, providing an excellent solution in challenging soil types.

Product Manager Kelly Downing says, “The V-3 will help get the pivot through rough spots and reduce rutting. The addition of the third wheel provides the lowest ground pressure available.”

A special heavy duty gearbox controls the center tire, insuring the durability and reliability that growers have come to expect from Valley irrigation equipment. The heavy duty basebeam supports the drive unit, even on ridges and rocks.

Downing says any Valley model 6000 or 8000 pivot or linear machine can be fitted with the V-3 Drive. These drive units can be targeted to challenging areas of a field, allowing use only on drive units that need it.

“This product accepts any current tire size, so there are no special tires to purchase or inventory,” says Downing, “and the farmer can choose any combination of forward/reverse tread direction.”

For additional information about the V-3 Drive, growers can contact their local Valley dealers, call Valmont Irrigation at 800-825-6668 or visit Valmont on the Internet at

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