New Section 2(ee) for Permit in rice

MONSANTO HAS announced a new use for Permit herbicide in rice authorized under FIFRA Section 2(ee). This use expands the broadleaf weed spectrum controlled and allows growers more tank-mix options with other popular rice herbicides.

Growers have traditionally relied on Permit to control nutsedge in rice. Now, with the new recommendations, growers can control additional weeds, including dayflower, eclipta, rice flatsedge, northern jointvetch, hemp sesbania and prickly sida. Permit may also be tank-mixed with propanil-containing rice herbicides such as Stam M4 and Propanil 4E to aid in the control of certain broadleaf and grass weeds, Monsanto says.

Permit herbicide may be applied at rates ranging from 0.67 to 1.33 ounces per acre, depending on weed species and size. Total application rate should not exceed 1.33 ounce of product per acre per use season, according to Monsanto. Permit may also be applied at 0.67 ounce per acre in combination with Roundup brand herbicides for preplant burndown of emerged annual grasses, broadleaf weeds and nutsedge.

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