New John Deere sprayer parts improve versatility

Spraying in a broad range of conditions just got easier with the new John Deere high-flow plumbing system for use on the 4920 Self-Propelled Sprayer. These sprayer parts include a high-capacity pump, high-flow nozzle body, spray elbow, and high-flow spray tips for greater versatility and flexibility when spraying low to high flow rates.

The high-flow nozzle body is available in a 3/8-inch and 11/16-inch port size.

When operating at 5 psi, the nozzle body performs at 3.8 gpm and 5.5 gpm, respectively.

Primary features

Primary features of the nozzle body include:

  • Radial five-port bayonet design for easy, quick spray tip changeover;

  • Compact, efficient design for high durability with Viton seals for excellent chemical resistance;

  • Heavy clamp with one-inch design for reliable retention and quick update to current standard plumbing system;

  • Slotted drain port for efficient boom drain out and

  • Check valve pressure options to adjust nozzle body shutoff (available in 2005).

The new high-flow nozzle bodies are offered as a high-flow option on the John Deere 4920 Self-Propelled Sprayer and can be used on current model machines with smaller pump/flow-rate wet systems.

New spray tips

John Deere also designed a new line of superior-performance high-flow spray tips with a unique flat-fan spray design for excellent spray distribution and free flow for improved spray consistency.

Additional features of the high-flow tips include:

  • 140-degree angled spray pattern for improved spray distribution in wide-spaced set-ups;

  • Quick-Change cap design allows for overlap capability with adjacent spray tips, providing flexibility in various spacing and improved coverage;

  • Low Coefficient of Variation performance ratings, providing excellent distribution;

  • Polyacetal design for extended wear life compared to poly stainless steel and

  • Easy installation and precision flow rate control.

Stop by your local John Deere Dealer to find out more about the new John Deere sprayer parts, or visit

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