New herbicide-resistant corn launched

It said Roundup Ready Corn 2 with Roundup WeatherMAX now offers a new wider window for herbicide application and the flexibility to apply higher rates for tough weeds because of its superior in-plant tolerance to the new formulation of Roundup herbicide.

EPA recently approved the labeling of Roundup WeatherMAX herbicide for higher rates and an expanded spray window. The new registration enhances the already effective Roundup Ready Corn system, which consistently controls a broad spectrum of weeds while providing improved crop safety, company representatives said.

“The Roundup Ready Corn 2 system with SprayFLEX Protection allows growers greater freedom to manage their herbicide program by giving them the flexibility to control the right weed with the right rate,” says Jennifer Ozimkiewicz, Monsanto corn trait marketing manager.

SprayFLEX Protection relies on the enhanced gene technology of Roundup Ready Corn 2, which allows growers to spray Roundup WeatherMAX beyond 30-inch corn up to 48 inches, giving growers better weed control. In addition, growers now have the flexibility to use higher rates if necessary.

Research shows that the Roundup Ready Corn herbicide system consistently provides more than a 5.5-bushel advantage over conventional corn herbicide programs. “We are constantly investing in new technology that will provide our customers with a simple and effective system to maximize their yield potential,” says Ozimkiewicz.

“Five plus bushels per acre plus weed control cost savings in addition to savings on herbicide costs can translate to over $20 more profit per acre to a grower’s bottom line.”

The Roundup Ready Corn system also has the backup protection of Roundup Rewards. Growers reduce their financial risk by qualifying for Roundup Rewards, plus growers receive Monsanto support service and expert advice from crop consultants, she said.

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