New Gleaner rotor boosts productivity

The new Controlled Dynamic Flow (CDF) rotor from Gleaner is designed to improve crop flow, reduce cob breakage in corn and enhance harvest of even green-stem soybeans.

Gleaner's Natural Flow Processing System moves the crop ribbon-like through the threshing system without dramatic changes in direction for higher quality grain in the bin. The enclosed CDF rotor maintains that crop flow and even reduces power required in some field conditions.

The new rotor is available as a factory installed option on new R65 and R75 combines. It also can be field installed on R75, R65, R55 and older combines, including the R42, R52, R62 and R72.

“The key to a successful harvest is moving as quickly through the field as possible without reducing yield or quality,” says Kevin Bien, general marketing manager, Gleaner Combines. “The Controlled Dynamic Flow rotor offers combine operators a significant improvement in overall productivity by improving crop flow, threshing capacity and power utilization.”

The enclosed rotor design enhances crop flow in corn, reducing material other than grain (MOG) from reaching the grain shoe, improving cleaning capacity and reducing MOG levels in the grain tank.

The CDF rotor with six rows of bars instead of the standard eight rows of bars, helps combine operators meet the challenge of modern soybean varieties, which increasingly produce mature dry pods while plant stems remain green. While the six bars are more than sufficient to release beans from their pods, they produce less pressure on the green stem plant material moving between them and the cage. This reduced pressure translates into reduced friction. Less power is needed to maintain crop flow, and more power is available to maintain optimum ground speed.

“With many of today's soybean varieties, producers can't wait for stems to dry down before harvesting the crop or they face potential yield loss,” says Bien. “The CDF rotor will help ensure that harvest can occur smoothly when the beans are ready for maximum yield.”

Field installing the CDF rotor allows Gleaner owners to adapt the new technology to their combines and their condition, suggests Norberto Herbener, sales engineer. Packages are available with and without bars.

“If threshing elements are in good shape, they can order the enclosed rotor separately,” he says. “If they want to ensure they get the full productivity advantages of the CDF rotor, they can order the full package of enclosed rotor and bars.”

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