New Dickey Stealth Sprayer works early, late in season

THE NEW Dickey Stealth Shielded Sprayer from Dickey Machine Works for both early- and late-season spraying can be equipped with either three nozzles per hood and ground riding slides for precise early-season postemergence spraying or with a single nozzle per hood spraying from row to row floating just above bed level.

Either way, the low-profile molded polyethylene hood is carried by Dickey's heavy-duty parallel linkage that assures the spray pattern will be consistently on target.

The molded hoods were designed especially for new air-inducted nozzles that deliver precise coverage and minimum drift. They are situated to spray down and toward the rear, allowing for broader coverage at lower nozzle height and reducing air turbulence and drift.

There are models and options available to fit almost any need. For additional information contact Dickey Machine Works, P.O. Box 5610, 2409 McFadden Rd., Pine Bluff, Ark. 71611-5610, or call 800-643-1414.

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