New crop information product

AgriTrax uses RESOURCE21’s satellite imagery and specialized analysis to provide ag retailers and their customers with precise, accurate and affordable information about how crops are performing in field.

“AgriTrax products don’t require special hardware,” said Dennis Dunivan, vice president of agricultural business for RESOURCE21. “Our products involve satellite images that monitor actual field information. The result is site-specific information that lets growers keep their crops on track in several areas, including nutrient management, yield tracking and growth management.”

Precision agriculture techniques, such as yield monitoring, GPS enabled soil sampling, variable rate application and remotely sensed imagery are designed to help maximize crop yields and minimize input costs. “AgriTrax crop information solutions deliver on all of these fronts,” says Dunivan.

The AgriTrax line includes customized products for site-specific yield estimation, nitrogen management and cotton growth management. Solutions for additional crops will be released in the rest of 2003 and early 2004.

Generally priced from between $1 to $3 an acre, AgriTrax solutions will be available through leading agricultural retailers. Also, the products require no investment in hardware or ongoing software maintenance. For more information, visit or

e-mail: [email protected]

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