NCGA debuts new Food and Fuel Resource Center

“As a disinformation campaign against corn ethanol continues with enormous funding from special interests, the National Corn Growers Association has created an Internet resource center that focuses squarely on the food versus fuel issue,” said Rick Tolman, NCGA’s chief executive officer. “Not only can farmers produce more than enough corn for all needs, but other factors such as high energy costs have much more impact on global food inflation and shortages.

“Corn growers are sick and tired of being accused of crimes against humanity and of causing starvation in Africa,” Tolman said. “These statements are not only egregious and offensive, but they ignore the facts, and our resource center is one part of a truth campaign we’ve been waging for some time now.”

The Food and Fuel Resource Center ( includes links to the latest research on corn ethanol issues as well as news articles, testimony, presentations, white papers, fact sheets, Web site links and quotes.

It will be updated on a regular basis and offer a strong response to critics of the U.S. corn and ethanol industries while stressing the many benefits ethanol provides for the domestic economy, energy security and sustainability.

“It’s easy to be overloaded with information,” Tolman said. “But it’s important to have the right information, easily accessible. And that’s our goal here.”

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