NCC task force reviews cotton flow issues

The National Cotton Council’s Performance and Standards Task Force, chaired by Alabama ginner Bobby Greene, discussed the status of cotton flow reporting by warehouses and loan cotton transfer authority with USDA officials during a Memphis meeting in Memphis.

Gene Rosera, USDA/FSA, reported that loan cotton transfer procedures were still under development. He said software development issues could delay completion until the spring of 2007.

Steve Gill, also of USDA-FSA, outlined draft provisions that would be included in a warehouse cotton flow reporting form. The task force discussed the provisions in detail and reached a consensus on the components of the reporting form.

Gill stated the next steps will include work with EWR, Inc., on a reporting format with simultaneous development of revisions in the Cotton Storage Agreement (CSA). He projected that the reporting procedures and a revised CSA would be available for implementation in early December.

Both cotton loan transfer and warehouse reporting were addressed in USDA’s Aug. 30 final rule covering storage, handling and ginning requirements for loan cotton.

The task force also reviewed different versions of scheduling programs used by various warehouse firms and agreed that a common electronic format that could be adaptable by the industry should remain a priority.

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