NCC’s weed resistance management plan

The National Cotton Council is reminding cotton producers to visit its online Weed Resistance Learning Module to learn more about weed resistance management programs before they plant this season’s crop.

The tool, available at, provides growers with a comprehensive resource on how to manage weed resistance to help them maintain the long-term productivity and value of their acreage.

The module is sponsored by The Cotton Foundation with financial support from Monsanto, Syngenta and Dow AgroSciences.

“Weeds don’t take a day off,” said Mike Tate, chairman of the NCC’s Environmental Task Force and a Huntsville, Ala., cotton producer. “It is important for growers to have a management practice in place for their farm. Prior to planting is a good time to review that plan to ensure you get a quality field of cotton that is free of weeds.”

Tate said round-the-clock access to the NCC’s weed resistance course enables producers to get answers to questions about their current weed resistance management program or to help with developing and initiating a program. Producers also are able to explore the course at their own pace.

Ginger Light, coarse author and a researcher at Texas Tech University, agreed that planting season is one time when growers can ensure their crops get healthy starts without weeds, particularly herbicide-resistant ones, getting in the way.

“It is always best to eliminate early flushes of weeds with tillage or a non-selective herbicide that is not part of the in-season herbicide program,” Light said. “Beyond that, make sure you plant under good conditions that promote the competitiveness of the cotton versus the weeds. A good fertility program, proper spacing and clean, certified seed are very important to getting a quality cotton crop to come up.”

The NCC’s Weed Resistance Learning Module also provides general resource information on cotton herbicides and a list of contacts in each state for producers who have questions on management practices, including planting.

For more information, call the NCC at (901) 274-9030.

Another resource that has become available is a Cotton Incorporated bulletin designed to help producers manage herbicide resistance. Also located on the NCC’s web site, it can be found at .

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