NCC mapping plans to defend farm bill

In a letter to leaders of ag organizations, Hood acknowledged that there may be differences of opinion about specific provisions of the new law but suggested there should be a strong consensus to defend the level of funding provided for commodity and conservation programs.

“With the budget surplus rapidly disappearing,” Hood wrote, “we can realistically expect amendments to be offered to modify farm programs to generate ‘savings’ which can be ‘spent’ on other priorities.”

Hood also mentioned continued media criticism of the President for signing the new law.

“NCC members are also deeply concerned about the incessant and vitriolic press accounts and editorials about the new farm bill . . . (that cite) the concentration of benefits to a few producers, the ‘enormous’ budget outlays and the impact on international trade negotiations and obligations. Cotton farmers are anxious for their organization to join with others in an effort to provide an effective response to the criticism.”

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