NASS to update acreage if needed

NASS officials said the move reflects a policy change regarding the utilization of administrative data. Historically, FSA's information was reviewed along with end of year survey information and planted area estimates were updated as needed.

Since FSA's certified acreage data is now available nearly two months earlier, it will be reviewed in early October and updates to planted and harvested acreage for spring planted crops, if necessary, will be published in the October Crop Production report.

October's yield forecasts are based on data from a sample of producers surveyed as part of the Agricultural Yield Survey, along with plant and fruit counts from a sample of fields in major states as part of NASS’ objective yield surveys.

Operators selected in Missouri for the October Agricultural Yield Survey will be asked to update their expected corn, soybean, cotton, and sorghum acres for harvest. These questions are normally asked whenever growing conditions necessitate. Changes to harvested area in Missouri, if any, will be reflected in this report.

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