Mycogen Seeds relaunches Web site

WITH CONVENIENT product information and a new resource center, Mycogen Seeds announces the relaunch of its Web site.

The new site features a number of new tools for growers, crop consultants and farm managers. The site, still located at, retains many of the great tools the previous site featured, but with more user-friendly enhancements.

Each crop segment includes a convenient drop-down menu with information on each of Mycogen's leading crop product lines, including the traits and seed treatments Mycogen offers. Product-specific information on individual hybrids and varieties can be viewed in pdf format. This section also provides growers with links to crop-related resources and ag chemicals information.

The Grain Corn menu enables growers to explore Mycogen's leading lineup of products, including hybrids featuring Herculex I Insect Protection technology and hybrids resistant to Liberty herbicide.

A similar menu for Mycogen's silage products features key producer information for FullTime Forage, and TMF Silage-Specific hybrids. In addition, producers can also access recent issues of the Silage Specifics newsletter and have an option to subscribe.

The new Web site provides the latest information on Mycogen's sunflower product line. A drop-down menu allows growers to access information on NuSun, traditional oil and confection hybrids, as well as hybrids featuring Clearfield technology and Cruiser seed treatment.

One of the new features added to the site is the product section on Nexera brand canola. This exclusive source of Natreon canola oil — a naturally stable oil with no trans-fatty acids — features innovative protection, including the Clearfield Production System and Helix XTra seed-applied insecticide.

Of particular interest to growers will be the Resource Center. Organized by crop segment, it will offer growers valuable crop information, and access to press releases. The resource center also provides valuable resources for growers in need of a brush-up or more information on stewardship. Information such as IRM requirements and grain marketing guidelines are included in this section.

In addition to these new features, the Web site also contains information about Mycogen Seeds, its professionals on staff and product development information.

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