MSU seeks participants for survey on farming practices and environment

We at Mississippi State University need farmers' input and opinions! If you farm near or in the drainage of the Big Sunflower River, the Little Sunflower River, the Bogue Phalia River, or any of the bayous and creeks that are connected, we are inviting you to participate in a survey about your farming practices and perceptions of your environment.

The survey will help to inform the Department of Landscape Architecture about the technological needs of farmers in the Delta. Our ultimate goal is to develop a digital program and software that will help you decide what practices are advantageous and bring a larger return on your investment with minimal impact to the surrounding environment.

The survey is available online at for your convenience. It should take you fifteen to twenty minutes to complete.

You will see that we have all types of questions about your farming experience in the Mississippi Delta. We at the Department of Landscape Architecture believe that we can develop a partnership with the agricultural community that will help farms become more productive for the community and healthier for the environment.

By understanding the perceptions and uses farmers have of their practices and their environment, we can develop plans that are informed of the community needs.

Participation is completely voluntary and you have the choice to quit the survey whenever you want, or skip any question you would not like to answer. Your response is important to our study and we will be glad to conduct the survey by phone if that is more convenient. Please contact us at (662) 325-3190 to set up a telephone interview.

Your complete privacy is assured throughout the process. Confidentiality is important to us at MSU, and your answers will not be linked to you personally when we report our results.

Once again, participation in the survey is voluntary and if you choose not to participate that is fine. There are no anticipated risks to you or your privacy if you decide to fill out the survey. If you would like, we at MSU would be glad to share our results. To receive a copy of the report please call me, Hall Roberts at (662) 325-3190.

The survey is available online at If you have any questions about the survey, or about being in the study, please contact me at (662) 325-3190 or Dr. Timothy Schauwecker at (662) 325-7895.

This project has been approved by the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research (IRB) for MSU under Docket #08-047. IRB may be contacted at (662) 325-5220 please refer to Docket #08-047 when contacting IRB.

Finally, we need your honest input and opinions for our research to benefit the farmers and landowners of the Mississippi Delta. It should only take fifteen to twenty minutes of your time.

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