More soybean rust in Mid-South

On Sept. 18, soybean rust was found in Coahoma, Panola, Quitman, and Tallahatchie counties on soybeans in Mississippi and in Prairie, Monroe and Lee counties on soybeans in Arkansas.

On Sept. 17, soybean rust was reported in Hinds County, Miss., on soybeans.

On Sept. 16, soybean rust was reported in Jefferson and Lincoln counties, Ark., on soybeans; Clarke and Washington counties, Ala., on kudzu; Jefferson County in Mississippi on soybeans; and in Thomas County, Ga., on kudzu.

On Sept. 15, soybean rust was reported on soybeans in Autauga County, Ala., and in Bolivar County, Miss. (previously detected in Bolivar County in January on kudzu but was destroyed).

Since January of 2008, soybean rust has been reported in 11 counties in Alabama; 10 counties in Arkansas; 11 counties in Georgia, 22 counties in Florida; four counties in Louisiana; 15 counties in Mississippi, and five counties in Texas. Rust was also reported in three states (five municipalities) in Mexico on yam bean and soybean. These were destroyed or are no longer active. Soybean rust is expected to spread northward until frost.

Updates of rust finds are available at

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