Missouri’s cotton harvest slogging through rain

Cotton harvest continues to lag behind in Missouri, where only 64 percent of the crop had been gathered by Nov. 5. That compares to a five-year average of 78 percent, according to USDA’s Monday crop progress report. Last year at this time, 96 percent of the Missouri crop had been harvested.

Missouri cotton producers have been slowed by widespread rainfall during the last few weeks of harvest season.

Harvest is nearing completion in Mississippi, 99 percent, and Louisiana, 96 percent, while gaining momentum in Arkansas, 81 percent, and Tennessee, 74 percent.

Fifty-nine percent of the U.S. cotton crop had been harvested by Nov. 5.

As of the week ending Nov. 5, 81 percent of the nation’s corn crop had been harvested, compared to 68 percent last week and a five-year average of 82 percent. Corn harvest is now complete in Tennessee.

Ninety percent of the U.S. soybean harvest is now complete, compared to 83 percent last week and a five-year average of 91 percent. In the Mid-South, Mississippi is 100 percent harvested, compared to 86 percent for Arkansas, 99 percent for Louisiana and 80 percent for Tennessee.

Ninety-four percent of the U.S. winter wheat crop had been planted by Nov. 5, compared to 91 percent last week and a five-year average of 94 percent. In the Mid-South, Arkansas wheat producers have now planted 69 percent of their crop.

According to USDA, 59 percent of the U.S. wheat crop is in good to excellent condition, compared to 54 percent last week and 57 percent last year at this time

Seventy-eight of the nation’s peanut crop had been harvested by Nov. 5, compared to 64 percent last week and a five-year average of 86 percent.

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