Farmtastic: Educating kids about agriculture

Farmtastic, a five-day event at Mississippi State University, gave more than 1,000 third graders from a five-county area an up close and personal look at the agriculture and forestry that makes possible their food, clothing, shelter, and energy.

The exhibits ranged from live farm animals to exhibits for cotton, corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, peanuts, forestry, horticulture, farm equipment, and nutrition/physical fitness.

The first four days were for school kids only, followed by a Saturday event open to the general public.

"We were extremely pleased with the attendance, and the enthusiasm of the students," says Julie White, Oktibbeha County Extension agent, who developed the first Farmtastic in 2012. The event is sponsored by the Mississippi State University Extension Service, the Oktibbeha County Farm Bureau, and other local agriculture-related organizations.

"In an era where so few people have connections to the farm, we feel an educational event such as this can help youngsters to learn how agriculture and forestry make possible all the foods and products they take for granted."



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