From Mid-South Ginners earn national certification

Four Mid-South ginners have earned certification by the National Cotton Ginners Association, after completing a comprehensive training program and examination.

They are Dewayne Cox, Longtown Gin, Mason, Tenn.; Gary DeJarnatte, Good Luck Co-op Gin, Marvell, Ark.; Henry Hunter, Cary Ginnery, Inc., Rolling Fork, Miss.; and Jason Shipley, W. B. DeYampert Gin Trust, Wilmot, Ark.

The awards were presented at the annual meeting of the Southern Cotton Ginners Association at Memphis.

“This is a very demanding program, and these ginners are to be congratulated for their accomplishment,” said Chris Breedlove, president, National Cotton Ginners Association, who presented the awards along with Harrison Ashley, National Cotton Council.

“To qualify for certification, ginners must have at least three years experience working for a commercial ginning operation,” he noted.

Applicants for the certification program must be recommended by an established ginner, with detailed information about their knowledge, skill, experience, and character, and must have Red Cross standard or other OSHA-approved first aid certification.

Additionally, Breedlove said, program participants must complete all three levels of instruction, and achieve satisfactory performance on a comprehensive written exam covering the practical aspects of a ginning operation.

In order to remain in good standing as a certified ginner, each participant must complete a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education course credits over any three-year period.

“The cotton ginner certification program has continued to grow since its inception in 1992,” Breedlove said, “and we continue to have more than 300 ginners actively participating in the program, adding to the professionalism of our industry.”

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