Michelin Multibib ag tire drives productivity

As fuel and other input costs climb ever higher, growers are finding the newest tire innovation from Michelin provides solid groundwork for improved productivity and a better bottom line, company officials say.

The new Multibib radial, which replaces the XMTM108 tire, offers advantages such as a large-volume replacement tire on four-wheel-drive and mechanical-front-wheel-assist tractors and as a dual option for combines, says Stan Chandgie, agricultural segment manager for Michelin North America Agricultural Tires.

The Multibib radial is engineered to deliver a larger footprint without the additional expense of larger wheel rims. The bigger footprint provides better flotation and traction while reducing wheel slip. The tire also enables growers to capitalize on lower inflation pressures, which helps reduce soil compaction for better yields and greater profits, Chandgie says.

“We put a lot of research into the development of the Multibib radial,” Chandgie says. “These tires are engineered to provide benefits that farmers can see in an improved bottom line.”

The key function for an agricultural radial tire is to deliver power from the machine to the ground in such a way as to reduce slip, increase traction and efficiently carry heavy loads over a large footprint. Through painstaking science and precise application of mathematics, Michelin has engineered the new Multibib tire to do just that, driving equipment to perform more efficiently while applying less pressure to the ground.

“The Multibib tire provides a 25 percent larger footprint than standard radials for the tractor market, and when run as duals on combines, it provides a 30 percent larger footprint,” said Chandgie. “On combines, the greater flotation this innovative tire delivers lets you harvest in wet field conditions with less field damage.”

The new Multibib radial is available in 17 sizes. It is the only 65 series tire in North America available with a “D” speed rating, approving it for road speeds of up to 40 mph (65km/h), and the Multibib radial offers 35 percent longer service life when compared to the Michelin XM108 tire.

For more information on this innovative new radial tire, visit www.michelinag.com.

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