MDAC urges safety handling, using pesticide products

Mississippi Agriculture Commissioner Lester Spell is reminding farmers and pesticide applicators to practice safety when they handle, apply and dispose of pesticides and other chemical products during the production season this year.

One important aspect of farm safety is the ability to manage pesticide applications so that off-target movement (drift) of these products does not occur. Because weather and product formulation can influence the incidence of drift, farmers and applicators should pay attention to the conditions in the field and the directions on the product label. Proper application protects against the adverse effects of pesticide exposure and ensures the availability of effective products in the future.

“Much improvement has been made in Mississippi with regard to minimizing off-target drift of pesticides, but safety can always be improved upon,” Spell said. “We urge farmers and applicators to be safe when handling and using all products intended for agricultural production.”

The pesticide label provides instructions and precautions on application of the product. Use of a pesticide inconsistent with its labeling is a violation of state and federal pesticide laws.

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