McCormick's new CX Series medium-duty tractors

McCormick USA has introduced new transmission and model numbers for its medium-duty line of CX Series (73 hp to 102 hp engine) tractors. The CX 05 Series features a new optional XtraShift transmission, designed and engineered by McCormick USA, with 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds as options to the standard synchromesh shuttle transmission.

“The new XtraShift transmission provides operators with eight gears and three speeds within each gear to improve versatility and field performance, while making life easier for the driver,” said Tom Ogle, product manager for McCormick USA. “The eight gears offer no duplication of speeds from one gear to another, providing the operator with a full choice of 24 forward and reverse speeds.”

Customers can also select a creep transmission with 36 speeds in both directions. XtraShift also offers forward and reverse speed matching to improve operator productivity.

A thumb switch, mounted to the side of the gear level, provides fingertip ease when selecting power shift speeds. XtraShift also features a de-clutch button, located on the front face of the gear level, which allows the operator to make a gear change without having to depress the clutch pedal. An auto start function insures a smooth progressive take up of drive if the operator releases the pedal too quickly.

The XtraShift transmission also features a well-positioned lefthand control power shuttle that allows the operator to move from forward to reverse without clutching. The power shuttle also features a neutral position for convenient stopping during loader and baling operations.

“These features make the CX 05 Series and XtraShift a clear leader in transmission technology among the medium-duty line of tractors on the market today,” Ogle said.

The CX 05 Series is powered by the same Perkins engines that have provided reliable and economical service to the current CX Series. These high-torque and lean-burning engines are built to provide unsurpassed power.

With flow rates up to 16 gallons per minute, the CX 05 hydraulic system offers one of the highest-capacity systems in low- to mid-range horsepower tractors. Large capacity hydraulic pumps deliver uninterrupted hydraulic oil flow directly to the remote valves, helping to shorten front loader cycle time while increasing productivity to other fluid-powered implements. Hydraulic oil tank capacity is 9.8 gallons.

An optional, rugged, oscillating four-wheel-drive front axle is designed to provide excellent ground clearance, a tight turning radius, sure-footed traction and high load capacities. With a 55 degree steering angle, turning radius is less than 15 feet — even on the largest CX 05 model. Two-wheel-drive models are also available.

The McCormick tractor line is known for its spacious and well-designed cabs and the CX 05 Series is no exception. Customers can choose between a deluxe cab, canopy or ROPS. With either option, all controls are clustered and positioned to insure quick, easy identification and precision handling.

The range and speed gear levers are mounted on the right-hand console for easy shifting.

A full-tilt, one-piece hood provides quick, easy access to the air filter, engine and radiator for daily service checks and routine service work. “A” post exhaust gives customers a wide-open view up front. For convenience and safety, the fuel tank can easily be filled from ground level.

You can visit McCormick on the Internet at or go to a dealer to learn more about the CX 05 Series and the entire line of McCormick tractors.

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