Welcome to the new Delta Farm Press website

Delta Farm Press' new website will deliver you information in an easier-to-read, and access, format.

Welcome to our new website, aimed at providing you information in an easier-to-read, and access, format.

You’re busy, and we want to be sure we’re providing you the information you need as efficiently as possible.

We’ve added a host of new functionality designed to make your experience better than ever before. And we wanted to share those key features with you here so when you’re online you know what we’re offering and can take full advantage of those features.

As for the site itself? There are five major enhancements you’ll notice online:

Read on any device. The site adjusts on the go as you switch between horizontal and vertical, tablet and phone, laptop and desktop. You will see virtually the same site and content regardless of how you access it with no drag on load times.

Bigger photos, useful galleries. You will see large, vivid images accompanying our stories and view photo galleries that are filled with even larger, nearly full-screen photographs taken by our editors and contributors.

Expanded markets, weather information. The data display on our home pages is now larger and easier to read with even more market listings than before. The weather report is also easier to read with bold graphics and includes a one-step personalization using only your zipcode.

Registration offers added information. By registering on the site, you’ll get access to our Ag Insights content with in-depth reporting and learning from experts we connect with from educators to commercial experts who will provide you with an edge in developing your skills and abilities to turn a profit even when times are tough.

Simple navigation. On the top left you’ll see a menu button (it’s those three lines to the left of the Delta Farm Press logo). Just click on that button and you have a selection of our most popular sections. And as you finish one story, we serve up more content on related topics. No more returning to the home page to see what else we’ve posted, it’ll come to you as you scroll through the story.

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