New Holland 98D corn heads increase CR combine capacity

New Holland's 98D Series corn heads unite the best attributes of a point-to-point pinching style stalk roll with the capacity required by larger, more productive combines. It gets under downed corn and takes in less trash.

With residue management a key part of farming practices, the 98D corn heads are especially beneficial for no-till planting and minimum-till operations.

New Holland's 98D corn heads are especially effective with the newer GMO corn varieties, which tend to have stronger stalks and are tougher to handle. The point-to-point pinching style stalk rolls handle the stalk more aggressively and pick cleaner. They remove more of the husks because as the rolls pull the stalk downward into the flat deck plates, they pinch off the ear at the shank instead of at the stalk. With less material going through the combine, the threshing and cleaning process is more efficient.

The 98D corn heads utilize heavier row unit gearboxes and heavy tapered roller bearings that can handle tougher stalks and higher loads. Re-designed Hi-Flow front stalk roll spiral allows faster ground speeds.

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