Hedging with options for cotton producers

TO LOWER production costs, cotton producers have been advised to reduce crop inputs, convert to conservation tillage and/or incorporate precision farming technologies into their operations. Upon hearing this advise, many of those producers respond, “I've reduced and minimized all I can — there's nothing else left to cut.”

Since this may the case for many growers, agricultural economists with Cotton Incorporated have another answer: “Learn how to better market your cotton.”

To help producers accomplish this, CI is coordinating an introductory and intermediate workshop entitled “Hedging With Options for Cotton Producers.” Workshop topics include: why options in cotton futures are critical to your business; what options can do for you and how; and fundamental and technical cotton overviews and possible price scenarios.

Sponsored by the New York Board of Trade and Cotton Incorporated, the workshop will be held in Tunica, Mississippi, Feb. 24-25. To register for the workshop, contact Beverly Cafferty at 800-443-4348 or e-mail Tim Barry at [email protected].

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