Downloadable field capacity calculator available for replanting decisions

Downloadable tool to help growers in replanting schedule.

Flood stricken farmers looking at replanting have a downloadable tool to help them plan and time their post-disaster fieldwork.

For more, see field capacity calculator.

"Flooding is causing many Arkansas farmers to either replant crops or consider revising their original crop planting plans," said Archie Flanders, assistant professor-agricultural economics, for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture.

"The field capacity calculator is a tool to aid farmers in their decisions by determining the time required to complete field activities and to determine the acreage that can be worked with potentially shortened time periods for completing field work.”

Harvesting windows in the fall are especially important considerations that will be affected by planting decisions made now.

For questions or comments about interactive decision tools, contact Flanders at (870) 526-2199, extension 108, or e-mail [email protected]

For more information on crop production contact your county Extension agent, visit or

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