MANA: Diazinon still available

DIAZINON INSECTICIDE, a highly effective pest management tool widely used to protect crops from soilborne and foliar insect pests, will continue to be available to growers in the United States and Canada despite the recently announced pullout by one of the two manufacturers of the active ingredient.

Makhteshim Agan of North America Inc. (MANA), which has been manufacturing Diazinon technical material for more than 25 years, is working with the EPA to continue support of the product's registration, according to Rick Beardmore, Diazinon product manager for MANA.

“We recognize the value of Diazinon as a crop-protection tool, including the niche uses that are so important to many growers,” said Beardmore. “We are committed to maintaining the registration of Diazinon for its approved uses as the product goes through the re-registration process at EPA.”

MANA has already invested millions of dollars in product stewardship and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future, Beardmore says, adding that the company will continue to listen to growers' needs and find ways to keep Diazinon in their tool boxes.

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