MachineryLink revamps Web site

MachineryLink, Inc., announces it has redesigned and improved its Web site,, to make it more informative and functional for farmers wanting to better manage their machinery assets or looking for equipment leasing options.

Doug Ballou, vice president of marketing for MachineryLink, Inc., says the increased use of the Internet by farmers, combined with the growing popularity of asset management and shared utilization of equipment, created the need for a more comprehensive Web site.

“More farmers are searching the Internet for information on alternatives to owning seasonal equipment such as combines, tractors and cotton strippers,” Ballou explains. “As a leader in the concept of shared utilization of machinery, we believe it's important to provide the current, in-depth information and other financial tools and resources on the topic that farmers will find useful.”

Ballou adds that visitors to the new MachineryLink Web site will find more information from a number of qualified sources, as well as links to many organizations that provide asset management information and equipment solutions. In addition, the company has improved its widely used marketplace site for buying and selling used machinery.

For more information call 888-272-3323 or visit

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