LSU AgCenter sugarcane field day July 18

One new sugarcane variety released earlier this year and two sugarcane varieties released last year will be featured at the LSU AgCenter’s annual sugarcane field day July 18 at the Sugar Research Station in St. Gabriel, La.

The new variety — HoCP 00-950 — was developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Sugarcane Research Unit in Houma, La., in cooperation with the LSU AgCenter and the American Sugar Cane League in Thibodaux, La.

“Two varieties released last year — L 99-226 and L 99-233 — are being quickly expanded for planting this August and September,” said Kenneth Gravois, LSU AgCenter sugarcane breeder and resident coordinator of the Sugar Research Station.

“Growers are transitioning from LCP 85-384 to new varieties,” Gravois said. “There’s a good choice of varieties out there, and people are eager for more information.”

LCP 85-384 has been the leading sugarcane variety planted in Louisiana.

Along with the new varieties, field day visitors will have an opportunity to learn about cold tolerance in newer sugarcane varieties from Ben Legendre, LSU AgCenter sugarcane specialist.

As a result of early December freezes last year, Legendre was able to evaluate how newer sugarcane varieties reacted to cold conditions. He will present his observations during a stop on the field tour of sugarcane research.

In other stops on the tour Jeff Hoy and Gene Reagan will present information on insect and disease control, and Jim Griffin will discuss the latest in sugarcane weed control.

Following the field tours, Jim Simon, general manager of the American Sugar Cane League, will give an update on the status of the new farm bill in Washington, D.C., and LSU AgCenter climatologist Jay Grymes will take a look back on last year’s weather and offer some insights on what may be in store for the coming year.

Registration will begin at 8 a.m. with field tours starting at 9 a.m.

A sponsored lunch will be provided at noon. Further information may be obtained by calling the station at (225) 642-8105.

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